The ultimate stablecoin for crypto power users.

Instantly send across all chains without wrapping or swapping.

Unlock slippage-free transfers across all chains with USX.


What sets USX apart?

Only pay gasNo percentage-based fees; pay the same price regardless of transfer amount.
No slippageThe amount sent always equals the amount received.
No wrappingAlways receive native USX at the destination, not wrapped variants.

Welcome to the

Cross-chain future.

Stop overpaying for cross-chain transfers.

Stop relying on expensive, capital-inefficient bridges for cross-chain transfers. USX offers low-cost, native transfers across all chains, for only the cost of gas.

Harness the power of Curve liquidity pools.

USX has deeper liquidity and better stability than USDC, USDT, or DAI alone because it's backed by Curve's 3Pool.

Introducing the new, universal stablecoin.

USX brings you fast, seamless transactions across all chains and platforms. Say goodbye to slow, stuck transactions and asset fragmentation caused by wrapping.

Let your users zap liquidity into your dApp in 1 click.

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